Monday, March 23rd, 2015

Cine Cubano- Thomas Kennedy Pope

My semester project will be an inquiry into the Cuban film industry through the point of view of a non-specific, random sampling of Cuban citizens. I hope to discover a few things during this project, including: the general idea of when Cuban cinema launched as an industry, and the characterization of early Cuban films; popular opinion of Cuban films today; a general comparison of the Cuban film industry against the mammoth American film industry; particular niches/genres of Cuban film and production values; and whether or not there is any government presence within the industry or the films themselves. In addition to street interviews, I intend to arrange one or two formal interviews with persons who either work in radio/television/film, or have a proficient to expert knowledge on Cuban cinema (I’ve already been provided with leads for these interviews). Lastly, I intend to generate a direct and personal opinion of Cuban cinema by viewing whatever popular Cuban films I can get my hands on—new or old—while here in Havana. Wish me luck!

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