Monday, March 23rd, 2015

The Melodies of Cuba- Shelley Campbell

Since our arrival to this island so near, yet seemingly so far from home, there has constantly been a melody in the air. Music holds the beat to the lifestyle here, flowing and bouncing through the streets, from the rooster’s call to the late night clubs. What I find fascinating is the enthusiam and warmth music brings to the society. During my Cuban adventures, I’m excited to discover the process, difficulties, and lifestyle of Cuban musicians. The struggling artist is relatable almost anywhere in the world, but I want to know how one is affected here. More importantly, I am interested in what Cuban music provides to all who are constanly enjoying it. I sense joy and pride in the people here—that their island can produce such beautiful, salsa provoking music so essential to every fiesta. I hope to learn of other aspects of the musical scene such as the types of instruments, how attainable they are, and the process of learning an instrument. I also want to look into the lively musical night life here and how music is a catalyst of energy, which is evident in the character of many people I have already met. Above all, I want to try to uderstand the impact, importance, and social characteristics of music in Cuba today.

Category: Student Blogs