Monday, March 23rd, 2015

The Cuban Woman- Rachel Boudreaux

My project will analyze the role women play in a very “machismo” centered Cuban society. I am interested in investigating the family dynamic within a typical household; if the woman’s role is the archaeic “in the kitchen and taking care of the kids” situation. I would also like to explore their postition within the workforce. My plan is to speak both with women close to my age and those that are more mature to gain a clearer understanding of the role that the average Cuban woman plays in her culture. I am hoping that by interviewing women of different generations, I will be able to see how the role of women in this country has changed over time, if at all. Finally, I am interested in understanding how Cuban society deals with the issue of domestic violence, including abuse, control, and forced silence from the perspective of women within that society.

Category: Student Blogs