2010 Participants


David Salisbury

Not only does this Cuba program provide me with an unprecedented
opportunity as an American citizen, but also it allows me to further
develop my knowledge of the Spanish language. Cuba is one
of the most culturally unique countries in the world,
and I am very excited to delve into an entirely different
living environment.

Mary Herd

I’m excited to learn about Cuban culture, history and people. I have
very limited knowledge of the country and I want to change that.
I want to improve my spanish-speaking skills and expand my horizons
physically as well as mentally and emotionally. I look forward to
meeting the locals and sharing cultures with each other. This is a
rare opportunity and I’m grateful to be a part of the adventure.

Susan Hubbell

I hope to learn a lot about Cuban culture and master the Spanish
language. I want to go all over the island and see as many things
as possible while we are there. I also think it would be fun to
experience first-hand all that the Cuba has to offer culturally.

Ezekiel Anders

Studying in Cuba is such a special opportunity, with tremendous
potential for academic and personal growth. Over the duration of
the trip, I hope to increase my understanding and appreciation of
life outside of the U.S., as well as increase my knowledge of the
Spanish language and the people who speak it.

Jennifer Leisure

I imagine the habaneros will be warm and patient people, as I
become comfortable applying my knowledge of the Spanish
language. I also believe that learning Cuba’s history, values,
norms, and current relations with the US will alter my
perception of my country and myself. All the while, I plan to
visit some of the world’s most beautiful beaches, make dear
friends, and experience the rich Cuban culture.

Austin Bettis

For me, the opportunity to live and be a student in Cuba for a
semester was one I couldn’t pass on. Improving my Spanish is
a goal I have, but not the main thing I hope to get from this trip.
I want to come back with a better understanding of Cuban-
American relations, as well as Cuban culture itself, by experiencing
the music, food, arts, beaches, and anything else the country has
to offer.

Kyle Hughel

My primary goal for our semester in Cuba is to improve my
Spanish abilities from being reliant on textbooks and dictionaries
to being an effective communicator able to carry on fluid
conversations about a variety of topics. Additionally, I am excited
to experience the Cuban culture, cuisine, and landscape as few
Americans are able to do.


Elaina Tirador

I am looking forward to this cultural experience. This opportunity
is special considering many Americans are unable to visit
Cuba. I am very excited about meeting many of my relatives,
and I hope to become very fluent in Spanish because it will be very
beneficial to my nursing career.

Constance Attilio